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"In Buddhist tradition it is said that the world is misery, the world is sorrow; the Christians have called the world a veil of tears. But I would say that the world is happiness, the world is bliss. We just need to change our perception, for which you need a healthy pain-free body and a healthy mind able to think properly. To have proper thinking you need proper teaching which can enable you to understand what yoga means in the light of Patanjali, the founder of yoga philosophy.”


"Yoga asanas promote overall well-being and increased fitness level. Physical positions, performed with awareness, help develop concentration and induce relaxation in every part of the body. Yoga exercises each organ, each joint and each muscle, either through a particular exercise or set of exercises, combined with a specific type of breathing."

"Yoga is not a religion, it is a life style, helping you to live healthily and think healthily. Yogic life does not mean renouncing the world, but renouncing the ego, renouncing the prejudices. Yogic life does not mean renouncing pleasures, but rather to enjoy them fully and totally with all our senses, so that we can appreciate the color of a rainbow, the fragrance of flowers, the beauty of a sunset, the tranquility of the full moon. To admire the beauty of the world you need tranquility of mind."

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